Packaging testing: the best way to make your products more eye-catching

Uploaded on Feb 17 2022

According to a SurveyMonkey study, four out of five people try a new product just because they have liked its packaging. More astonishing yet: one out of two change brands for the same reason. That’s why it's so important to choose the right box or packaging for your product.

Box and packaging designers often do some tests to assess the reaction of the target audience of each product. These tests involve showing different versions of a box or package to a target audience and asking them about their opinions and likes.

Pruebas de empaque

To plan a box or packaging test you just need to:

  • Choose two or more versions of the same box or package

Even though you could test many boxes or packages at the same time, the best idea is to test just variations of the same option. In this way you can assess the impact of these differences on the reaction of your target audience. To avoid any bias, use packages that have the same quality.

  • Choose which characteristics to assess

Focus on your main concern: aesthetics, visibility, functionality, interest of purchase, etc. We advise you to use the Likert scale to assess your interviewees' answers.

  • Ask the right questions to your target audience

The only way of knowing the quality and practicality of your packaging options is to show them to a sample of your target audience and ask some questions about them. A focal group allows you to collect detailed opinions about several aspects of your box product. You can also send the box or package to several people and ask them to answer an online survey.

  • Analyze results to choose the right box or packaging

Once you have collected the answers from your focus group, its time to apply what you have discovered and improve your box or package. Here at Grupak you can find packaging design experts that can work with you to find the best improvements for your product’s boxes.

Get in touch with our professionals and they will help you create more eye-catching boxes and/or packages.

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