We produce paper and corrugated linerboard
for packaging

We are a sustainable company committed to provide innovative and advanced
packaging solutions for our customers.

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Value Packaging

At Grupak we adjust to the specific needs of your company. That is why today we have the technology to solve any packaging challenge you can imagine.


Grupak Learning Center

In this module, you will find all the content you need to stay updated in the packaging world. We invite you to explore the articles, as well as the packaging guides and glossaries we have for you.

Valores GrupakOur values

Each one of our values builds the philosophy that defines and difference us from other companies.

Valores Grupak
Our values
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Sustentabilidad Grupak SUSTAINABILITY

Our sustainable philosophy leads our actions to take care of the society, environment, and economy.

Sustentabilidad Grupak
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Discover how Grupak has contributed to the protection of the environment and the efforts carried out during the year 2022.

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We produce paper and corrugated linerboard

Our commitment is to satisfy your packaging needs.

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Our sustainability figures

At the end of 2022, at Grupak we can confirm that we have supported the environment with the following savings:

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Kilograms of recycled waste


Water liters saved

Fábrica de cartón

Trees not felled

Para llegar más lejos hay que pensar fuera de la caja

Aprende todo lo que necesitas para llevar tus productos al siguiente nivel con nuestras soluciones de Empaques de Valor. Crea cajas personalizadas para tus productos y hazlos destacar de la competencia.

Empaques con impresión en alta gráfica


Learn from industry experts.

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Empaques con impresión en alta gráfica


Update yourself about the main topics to create attractive and functional packaging.

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Empaques con impresión en alta gráfica


Obtén guías, whitepapers, reportes de tendencias y otros recursos sobre Empaques de valor, exhibidores y otros materiales de cartón corrugado.

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Packaging in Mexico City and all over the country

Whether your company is located in CDMX or anywhere in the country, at Grupak we can provide cardboard packaging to meet your company's needs. Our corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging can be adapted to any design your products need.

Thanks to our facilities and infrastructure in Mexico City and other cities in the country, we ensure the supply of packaging for your entire operation.

Cardboard boxes examples

At Grupak we produce different types of corrugated cardboard boxes to suit the needs of our customers.

Empaque Carton Charola
Empaque Carton Charola
Empaque Carton Tapa
Empaque Carton Impresión
Empaque Carton Vertical
Empaque Carton Comercial
Empaque Carton Maletin
Empaque Carton Suaje

Custom Packaging Solutions

Grupak is your reliable partner in packaging solutions. We offer a wide range of products, from standard cardboard boxes to custom corrugated cardboard boxes, specially designed to meet your unique needs. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we have perfected the manufacturing of high-quality and durable cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Boxes: Customization and Quality Guaranteed

Our flexibility and adaptability allow us to serve companies of all sizes and sectors. Whether you need standard cardboard boxes in large quantities or custom corrugated cardboard boxes to make your brand stand out in the market, Grupak has the perfect solution for you. We take pride in being your trusted choice for packaging solutions and are committed to providing exceptional products that meet your specific requirements.

About Grupak

We are a company with a great history. Get to know us.

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