We are a sustainable company
with values, that manufactures 100%
recycled paper and cardboard

Grupak sustentable

Ecological, environmental and sustainable Policy

In congruence with our business principles
and commitments for the year 2025, we
work in line with the UN sustainable
development goals.

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Set of stages that a product
goes through from its conception,
design, manufacture, introduction
and exit from the market.

Ciclo Grupak

Sustainability Commitments:



  • Integrate 80% of our suppliers and 100% of our workers to some of the GRUPAK value chain programs.
  • 100% of our customers satisfied.
  • 80% of our customers integrated in some value chain program.
Responsabilidad social


  • Great Place to Work.
  • 2 social investment projects for our GRUPAK communities.
  • Education in at least 1 institution by GRUPAK in each of our locations.


  • Reduction of water and energy consumption, as well as wastewater and environmental emissions.
Trabajador Grupak

sustainable development

At Grupak, within our framework of action and according to the different social causes we are involved with, we make a commitment in the contribution to the fulfillment of the following SDG.

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Best practices

At Grupak, we work every day under the industry,
environmental and business best practices

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Sustainable actions

In order to achieve these goals, we have
performed the following actions at GRUPAK:

Achieve the implementation of a sustainable culture based on the skills maturity model and life cycle management (MMC-GCV) and its 4 levels: qualified, efficient, effective and adapted.
Implementation of the ISO-14001 environmental management model
Higher education program

Innovations in sustainability

We innovate for the good of the environment and for everyone's benefit.

At Grupak we approach sustainability from a social, economic, and environmental drivers:

Planta de reciclaje de papel y cartón corrugada

We have a CO2eq measurement
(Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) in all our products, to know exactly our opportunity areas in order to decrease our carbon footprint.

Proceso de reciclaje de cartón corrugado

Since 20165, we are one of the first companies
with FSC CoC, this allows us to ensure that all of our products made with 100% recycled raw material accomplish the official norm so we can guarantee a responsible custody chain.

Planta de reciclaje de papel y cartón

We have projects which aim to reuse
100% of the water in our processes.

Responsabilidad social Grupak

We support through our internal projects communities surrounding our locations.

Reciclaje cartón

Innovation in sustainable products

Our products are made with high
quality standards, considering the sustainability
of our processes, seeking and guarantying
the satisfaction of our customers.

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Our sustainable figures

In order to achieve these goals, at GRUPAK we have carried out the
following actions:

277 thousand tons of recycled paper and cardboard

Co-creation of electrical energy

473,756 trees saved per year

3,825 hours of training

100% of the staff knows the Ethic Code

Supporting our neighboring communities

100% Mexican Company with:
4 Plants
6 Supplies
1 Corporate

1,800 direct jobs created

112 indirect jobs created


We are aware of our environmental impact, that is why we strive to create a sustainable culture following the "Sustainable Development Goals" of the UN.

Cambio climático
Trabajo y crecimiento
Paz y justicia
Producción responsable

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Valores Grupak

Our values

We are a sustainable group composed
by an honest, responsible
and committed staff.

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