Add connectivity to your boxes and packages and get more clients

Uploaded on 8 March 2022

A buyer's experiences does not end when they open the box of some product. Today, using technologies like Augmented Reality, QR codes and high speed internet, it is possible to offer different kinds of content to our customers and improve their buying experience.

Through high quality printing, it’s possible to print images or connectivity codes to your boxes or packages, to add unique characteristics to your brand or products. Some examples of these are:

Empaques con conectividad
  • Augmented Reality:

You can add animations or AR elements to a box using a smartphone. Show your product in action or add a video advertising a different one.

  • Media Content:

Add a video tutorial, recipe or just show a video about your brand.

  • App downloads:

Today, many products require the installation of some mobile app to use them correctly. You can add a QR code to redirect your customers to the app store.

  • Connection to online shop:

You can help your customers buy your products again by adding a QR code that redirects them to your online store.

  • Authenticity Codes:

If your products have authenticity certificates, add a QR code that helps your customers verify and validate them.

All these options can help you improve your customers' buying experience and help you convert them into loyal buyers. Get in touch with us and we will help you design the better solution for your brand.

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