What kind of products do we sell?

At Grupak, we are experts in the manufacture of packaging, display and pop material made with digitally printed corrugated cardboard. That's what we call Value Packaging.

Is there a minimum production order?

There is no minimum production. However, at higher volumes you can get scaled pricing.

What kind of technology is used to print?

We use digital single pass technology

How many dpi's does the machine print?

360 dpi's

Do you have a design team who can help me make my designs?

We have a specialized design team for the development of customized requests according to the needs of each client and project

How should I deliver my graphics?

For better results our design team must receive the original file made in photoshop or illustrator and the fonts used in the file, this will allow us to achieve faster processing and more accurate graphics optimization, which give us a better impression.

How much time does the design development take?

The elaboration of the graphic and structure of a design must be finished in 5 business days. As long as all the information is provided complete and the correct files are available for editing and fine-tuning for digital printing.

How much time does my order takes to be delivered?

For a recurrent order, the delivery time is 10 calendar days at the most, in the case of a new order, the delivery time is 15 calendar days at the most.

What forms of payment are accepted?

You can pay in advance 100% in cash before placing the order or you can make use of credit.

Do I have to be the owner of the images and graphics I send to print?

It is very important that the person and / or company that makes the request for printing and manufacturing materials ensure they are the owners of the graphic materiales, otherwise they must have the necessary permission to proceed with the request.

How is print quality ensured?

We have a spectrophotometer which verifies that the information in the digital files matches with what is printed in our plant.

Can a special treatment be placed?

In order to achieve the printing, it is necessary to place a primer that gives a shiny look to the inks involved in the process. At the moment it is the only special treatment that we handle using this technology.

Are digitally printed products recyclable?

All products made by Grupak are recycled and recyclable

How is made each shipment?

Shipments of material can be made by outsourced Grupak transports (truck, van or trailer) according to the case, also, the client can pick them up at our plant as long as it complies with the necessary safety and sustainability standards.

Can I personally pick up an order?

Yes, as long as you comply the necessary safety and sustainability standards.

If I already have a parcel service, can I send you the guide so you can send me my order?

At the moment this option is not available due to security measures

Do you have more questions and they are not answered in this document?

Contact us! We will gladly listen to your needs and we will make you a proffer
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