Our role is to innovate
in order to offer you
more efficient solutions

Innovations in Grupak paper

At Grupak we have one of the most modern plants in Mexico.

We have the best technology in the application of starch to
create high resistance surfaces applied to the latest paper generation
made with sustainable materials.

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Planta de reciclaje y fabricación de cartón corrugado

Standard paper line

Multipurpose paper with national market requested features, working with weights from 110 gr / m2 to 260 gr / m2.

Agricultural paper line

Paper specifically designed to contain food, fruits and vegetables, which has a moisture resistant structure.

Higher resistance line of papers

Paper designed to provide higher resistance than the market standards.

High performance paper line

Lighter and more resistant paper with international quality which competes with imported papers.

Empaque agrícola de cartón corrugado

Innovations in Grupak's
corrugated cardboard

Technology to streamline costs and improve processes.

Thanks to the support of our Technical Assistance and Research
and Development area, our clients get relevant savings in the
cost of packaging and / or comprehensive cost of the process.

Plus, thanks to our exact date delivery-based
production model:

  • We offer savings in working capital.
  • We increase the level of supply chain reliability.
  • We reinforce the reliability of your brand.

And with our Customer Service we guarantee constant
monitoring and real time solutions to all our clients.

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Design and engravings

We have more than 30 years of experience in packaging design and more than 6 years in engraving manufacturing.

Competitive advantages

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Grabado de cartón corrugado

Innovations in engravings

Technology applied to your needs.

We have the best technology to reach engravings for
printing in order to add competitiveness to our customers
in Flexible Printing, Preprint and High Graphic Corrugated.

We use laser technology to achieve high definition engravings
with microdots that allows us to:

  • Enhance print color on print solids.
  • Reduce machine stoppages caused by adjustments.
  • Maximize the use and performance
    of the Anillox roller characteristics.

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Ícono sustentabilidad


Is to merge our financial
and operational performance
with social responsibility
and sustainability in order
to achieve an outstanding performance.

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Productos Grupak

Our products

Our role is to satisfy your
Packaging needs.
Get to know our products.

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